Inquiry: BKI expects me to find more

BKI expect me to find more.

Situation: 141 follow-up exercise.




Feel pressure.

Have the thought I am not doing it right.

I have fears:

I am avoiding looking.

I recoil from looking at what’s here.

My mind is too scattered to find what’s here, to do the exercise well.

Pressure on my chest, difficult breathing.


Feel pinned down.

I see them as big, and myself as small.

I see them as judging me, evaluating me.


Content with what comes up.

Content with it being simple.

Trusting that what wants to be seen will come up, at some point.


I expect me to find more.

I am the one having that thought, I need to find more.

I want to be a good student.

I want to be clear, notice what’s here.

They don’t expect me to find more.

They want me to be honest, real.

They may expect a wide range.

I am finding things.

I am doing it for myself, for my own sake.

They expect me to find less.

They don’t want me to force anything.

I find less and less that I know, to hang on to.

Some probably find less.

I expect them to find more.

I expect them to scrutinize me more than they may actually be doing.

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