Inquiry: I need resolution

I need resolution.

(Situation: A particular issue in my life.)

Is it true?


Can you be certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you have that belief?

I see it as a problem.

I see it as something that can and needs to be resolved.

There is a sense of pushing, wanting and trying to find a solution.

I feel dissatisfied, uncomfortable, impatient.

I feel alternately hopeful and hopeless.

I hope God will show me the way.

I seek advice, and feel disappointed when I don’t get it or it doesn’t feel right.

I feel lost.

I sometimes have trouble sleeping.

I distract myself through internet, movies, food, entertainment.

I think that others have it easier than me, others have less challenges, others have the solution.

I am uncomfortable in my own skin, in my life.

I dream of a different life. I think my life will be better if this is solved.

I wait for a solution. I wait to be shown the way. I am less engaged.

I sometimes feel I know the way, and blame myself for hesitating, for stopping myself with fears and beliefs.

Who would you be without the thought, I need resolution?

At peace with what’s here.

Engaged with what’s here.

Taking care of myself.

** Not looking for a big resolution or the resolution.**


I don’t need resolution.

I am alive, breathe, eat, live.

The only place I can find the idea of problem/resolution is in my thinking. It’s not in the situation.

Taking care of myself is enough.

Taking care of myself in a very simple, ordinary way is enough.

I need it to stay the same.

It may show me something.

It may show me how I stop myself by holding onto certain thoughts as true.

** It may show me that taking care of myself – in a simple, ordinary way – is enough. **

Resolution needs me.

The resolution needs me to support it.

It needs me to be available to it.

It needs me to live it.

– 0 –

Additional beliefs

I need a big resolution.

There is one specific resolution.

I need to find the one resolution.

Others have it easier than me.

Others have less challenges.

Others have found the solution for their own life.

It’s a problem to be solved. (Something I perceive as a problem in my life.)

It’s a problem. It has a solution. It needs to be solved. I need it to be solved.

It’s a test. I can fail.

– 0 –

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