Inquiry: Life should help me

Life should help me.

Situation: With health, money, guidance and more.

Is it true?


Can you be certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you have that belief?

I feel that life should help me.

I feel entitled to that help.

I envision help in very specific ways.

I feel disappointed (angry, sad, hurt) when it doesn’t happen.

I feel like a victim.

I feel hurt.

I feel hopeless.

I think life is unfair.

I think others have an easier life.

I think life helps (some) others more than me.

Who would you be without that thought?


Gentle with myself.


Looking at how I can help myself.

Receptive to solutions.


Engaged in the solutions I see.

I see myself as anyone else.


Life shouldn’t help me.

If I am not receptive to it.

If I believe I don’t deserve to be helped.

(Why would life want to go against my beliefs/wishes.)

It helps me see my beliefs, where I stop myself.

I should help me.

I should help me with my health – taking my herbs, eating well, walks, swim, Breema, shake.

I should help me with money – find ways to bring in more (work, be open to ask for help if needed), find clarity on my thoughts about money, meet my fears around money and survival as innocent and with love.

I should help me with guidance – through inquiry and turnarounds, through following the quiet inner voice (intuition, heart) in small situations in everyday life (food, what to do next).

I should help life.

I should help life help me – with my health, money, guidance.

I should help life – by helping others (share The Work + TRE + Breema, meet them as a friend, find clarity on my thoughts, eat ecological/local food).

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This inquiry is a reminder for me that my own guidance is in my beliefs, my shoulds about the world and others, and I discover it through the turnarounds, through bringing the turnarounds into my daily life and living them.

I also find it helps to be very specific in the examples of these turnarounds.

How should I help me in terms of my health? By following the advice of my herbalist. By eating food that feels nurturing and works with my body. By going for walks. By nurturing nurturing relationships. By doing self-Breema and Breema. By getting a good amount of sleep. By drinking plenty of water.

How should I help life in terms of health? By sharing what I have discovered on my own journey. By sharing Breema, TRE, The Work. By making it available for the ones who are interested.

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