JYN on elementary school situation

Situation: Elementary school, raising my hand, answering the teacher’s question, receiving “the look” from some class mates. (Audun, Jan, Torkjell, Jostein.)

1. I am hurt by Audun because he doesn’t respect me, he makes me feel small, he gives a signal to the others that it’s OK to make me feel small.

2. I want Audun to respect me, be a good friend to me, stop giving me “the look”, stop belittling me, treat me as a friend, ask me to help him with his homework.

3. Audun should see of hurtful it is, appreciate me as I am, appreciate what I know and contribute to the class. Audun shouldn’t turn others against me.

4. I need Audun to be kind to me, tell others I am OK, be a good friend to me, respect me, like me as I am, want to spend time with me.

5.  Audun is cruel, hostile towards me, unaware of how much it hurts me, hurt, wounded.

6. I never want Audun to not be a good friend to me.

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