Mini-inquiry: It’s possible to make a mistake

It’s possible to make a mistake.

TA: It’s impossible to make a mistake.

(It’s impossible to do it wrong.)

It’s a choice with consequences, whether I make one choice or another.

It’s most likely not my last choice. I will have opportunity to change it, do something else.

Right and wrong, mistake or not, is an idea in my own mind.

No matter what happens, I’ll get an opportunity to see my own beliefs about it and find more clarity.

If God is love, it cannot be a mistake.

If the universe is kind, it cannot be a mistake.

TA: It’s possible to do it right.

It’s possible I’ll be happy with what I chose.

It’s possible I’ll inquire into whatever beliefs comes up and find clarity.

It’s possible I can make another choice later, which I am more happy with.

TA: It’s impossible to not do it right.

If all is God and God is love, it’s impossible to not do it right.

Whatever happens, it brings up beliefs which I can take to inquiry.

Whatever happens, I can make another choice.

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