When I eat certain foods (sugar, wheat, dairy) my mind sometimes goes a little haywire, meaning that old wounds, fears and beliefs surface. It’s happening right now. And I see the tendency of thoughts to obsess on the same topics.

This surfacing of wounds, fears and beliefs is of course a gift, and even the beliefs I sometimes have about what’s surfacing is a gift. It brings it all into the light.

And the obsessing is the same. It brings beliefs to the surface so they can be seen, inquiries into, and find liberation from being taken as true. (In a conventional sense, it’s an invitation to explore the topic and potentially learn from it.)

I also notice that obsessive thoughts happen in quite different contexts. Sometimes – more earlier in life – there was an active engagement and agreement with the thoughts. Now, they are more allowed to have their own life and it feels they emerge on their own accord, supported by their own energy (the emotional component of the beliefs still there).

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