Shared exploration

I find I deeply appreciate and am drawn to a sense of shared exploration, also when I seek out people and practices.

When I did an inquiry workshop at Findhorn last fall, what moved me the most was how the two instructors became participants as soon as the opportunity was there. They talked a bit about what we would do, and then joined us and explored their own thoughts.

It’s the same in Breema. When I go to the Breema Center for an intensive, the instructor in one class is the student in the next. It’s a recognition that we are all in it together, and we all share in the exploration.

And I have experienced the same with the other approaches I am drawn to: Headless experiments, The Big Mind process, Process Work, TRE, the practices to reconnect (Joanna Macy) and so on.

Note: When I write “shared exploration” what I have in mind here is (a) individual exploration where we (sometimes) share our experiences with others for mutual benefit, and (b) where the facilitator share in the exploration and activities of the group. I like the first one because it shows that we are all a mirror for each other. And I like the last one because it feels real and honest, it’s what feels natural for me as a facilitator – and it’s also a relief to be just like anyone else.

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