Three ways of being with beliefs and the pain of beliefs

I notice three ways of being with the pain of beliefs and beliefs of myself and others, and one of these come from clarity.

One is to take the pain of beliefs seriously and also believe the thoughts. I experienced this last summer when I did individual sessions with a psychologist as part of the TRE certification. (She may have believed that to be a good therapist she should believe and reinforce my stories. This turned out to be quite stressful for me after a while, especially as I freely shared and hunted for beliefs for later inquiry during these sessions.)

Another is to see through the beliefs and not take the pain they create very seriously. I remember feeling this a couple of times with B.G., a therapist who is also a spiritual teacher. (She is someone I am very grateful for, and it did help me seeing her so clearly see through my beliefs.)

And when there is more clarity, it can take the form of taking the pain of believing stories seriously while seeing through the beliefs. The experience of believing thoughts is taken seriously, while the thoughts themselves are not since they are clearly not true. I experience this with SF and others who are familiar with The Work, and also with Barry.


– take the pain seriously & believe the thoughts (ba)
– take the pain seriously & see through the beliefs (shona, berry)
– don’t quite take the pain seriously & see through the beliefs (bonnie g)



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