TRE & touch

During shaking, I have noticed how touch can make a big difference. The shaking changes, moves into new areas, there is a sense of a deeper relaxation and freeing up the shaking. I notice this when I support another person in shaking, and also when I shake myself.

It can be a gentle holding of the shoulders, neck or head, or at the ankles or feet, or anywhere else. Before touching, I usually let the client know and ask if it’s OK. If yes, then I most often do what I am drawn to – which usually seems to be just what’s needed, and sometimes ask if the shaker have a sense of where he or she would like to be held.

Sometimes, it helps to be reminded – in a gentle and physical way – that there is another person in the world who wishes you well.

And this is also true when strong/difficult emotions or memories surfaces. Touch can be a great support in opening to the experience, allowing it to pass through, and also in identifying the beliefs behind it and stay with a simple question such as is it true?

Note: When I say gentle touch here, I mean gentle & firm touch in the Breema sense. The gentleness comes from receptivity, and the firmness from presence, comfort, trust, and allowing what’s here to be.

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