Universe fascinated by itself

The universe is fascinated by itself.

And in our case, the universe is fascinated by itself as an individual, a culture and a civilization, in all the ways we are fascinated by anything at all. At this level, there is no reason for it and it doesn’t need a reason.

In an evolutionary perspective, there is of course a reason. It makes good sense to be fascinated, to explore, experience, learn and so on. It aids survival to be interested in life, in our surroundings, in each other, in ourselves, in anything at all.

Today, this fascination is perhaps most obvious in our fascination in all forms of media – TV, internet, movies, podcast, music, performances, newspapers, magazines and so on. It’s an endless fascination where we absorb, experience, learn about ourselves, each other, the world,  and life.

It’s the fascination of the universe of itself, in all of these ways. It’s the universe evolved into a planet, and into a species for whom it makes evolutionary sense to be curious and interested in the world.

And the turnarounds of The universe is fascinated by itself –> (a) I am fascinated by myself, (b) I am fascinated by the universe is of course equally or more true.

Note: I remember watching Cosmos by Carl Sagan in my early teens and living in awe of this – of the universe being aware of itself, experiencing itself through and as each of us, as me. We are all the universe experiencing and exploring itself, as individuals, and in myriads of ways. We are all Spirit experiencing and exploring itself, as individuals, in myriad of ways.


– universe fascinated by itself – in our case, as an individual fascinated in all the ways we are fascinated
– evolutionary perspective, makes sense to be fascinated, explore, learn etc.
– also see this in the media today, media fascination – tv, internet, movies, podcasts etc. – endless fascination, absorbing, learning, experiencing


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