What I hope to get out of suffering

What I hope to get out of suffering is….

Sympathy, compassion, love from others.

I become like others.

Insights, maturing.

Getting what I want from God, life, others (when they see I suffer).

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Suffering is….

Heroic, noble, inevitable.

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Suffering gives me sympathy (compassion, love) from others.

Suffering helps me see I am like others.

Suffering gives me insights (maturing).

When God (life, others) see I suffer, he/she/it will give me what I want.

Suffering is heroic (noble, inevitable).

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Suffering here refers to any sense of discomfort, unease, not being quite at home, being caught up in resistance, emotions, struggle.

It’s what happens when a thought is taken as true, and the stories of what should be and what is are in friction or conflict.

And, of course, as long as I believe I will get something valuable out of suffering, something I cannot get if I don’t suffer, I will be drawn to it.

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