When you lose something

When you lose something, you’ve been spared—either that or God is a sadist. How do I know I don’t need the money? It’s gone! I’ve been spared: what I would have done with that money would obviously have been much less useful for me than losing it.
– Byron Katie

Some beliefs:

It would have been better for me if I had married M. (early twenties).

It would have been better for me if I had finished at UiO.

It’s better for me with good health. I need better health.

I can’t trust life. Reality is unkind.

I didn’t marry M. and that means: I missed out of much joy, of a good life, of a nurturing life, children.

I don’t have good health, and that means: I am not able to function as well as I want, I am unable to do what I want, I am unable to thrive, I am unable to work full time, I won’t have enough money, my life will be miserable, people will think I am lazy, people won’t like me, people will look down at me.

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