Seeing beliefs as valuable

Why do I sometimes take a story as true?

When I investigate specific beliefs in specific situations, I sometimes find a simple answer:

I see it as valuable to take the story as true, I think it may be helpful. It may help me get what I want, which is often a sense of safety.

There are a couple of related questions here:

Why does attention tend to go to beliefs?

And why is there sometimes a draw to suffering and staying is suffering?

It seems that one answer is the same: I see it as valuable. I think it will give me what it want. I hope it will give me safety.

Some beliefs here:

About taking a story as true: Believing this story keeps me safe. Taking this story as true helps me take care of myself.

About attention going to beliefs: Ruminating keeps me safe. Ruminating helps me figure it out. 

About suffering: Suffering helps me mature, grow, find clarity. Suffering shows I want to better myself. Suffering shows I want something else than what’s here. 


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