Breath, feel, turn it over

I sometimes “forget” even the simplest pointers, and was reminded of this one today.

When there is a sense of discomfort or overwhelm, I find it helpful to….

Bring attention to the breath, for instance the sensations of the breath at the nostrils, or even the movement of the chest and/or belly. This helps bring attention out of thoughts and to something simple such as sensation. It can also be helpful to bring attention to the heart area, and the sensations there.

Feel what’s here, allow it it’s life, it’s peace. I sometimes ask myself, can I be with this experience? Is it true, it’s overwhelming? Is it true, it’s too much? If I notice a thought behind the fear, I can ask myself is it true? Do I know for certain it’s true? 

Turn it over to the divine, to God.


As usual, it’s also helpful to write down whatever fears and stressful thoughts are here, and take them to inquiry.

Note: This process comes to me from Barry and Karen.


– breath – attention to the breath
– feel what’s here, allow it it’s life, allow it it’s peace
– turn it over to the divine, to God
– (repeat)



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