Dark night inquiry

Why is the dark night the best for me, others, the world? 

For me

It helps me see what’s left.

It helps me see my wants, shoulds, needs – how I take (some of) them as true.

It’s an invitation for more of me to align with reality – through and through.

It’s an invitation to find comfort with all as guests – experiences, states, circumstances.

It helps me find comfort with this in myself, and so also in others. (Distress, loss.)

For others

I may be easier to be around, having looked at more of my beliefs.

I have more understanding for people in different situations.

(I judge them less, because I have been there.)

I find myself more as anyone else.

For the world

I have experiences and insights from this that may be helpful for the world.

– 0 –

If the universe is a kind place, why would it happen? 

It may be the best for me, others and the world.

– 0 –

If it was my only way to God, would I take it?


– 0 –

Additional beliefs

Something went wrong.

I lost most what was most important to me.

I got off track. I made a bad decision. I didn’t follow my inner guidance.

I won’t get back on track. My future won’t be as good as it could/would have been.

I didn’t follow my inner guidance. I went against the guidance from God.

(I went against my inner voice, heart, God’s guidance.)

It was a good path. It didn’t need to change.

What I lost was better than what’s here now.

(Zen center, psychology, passion, art, meditation, confidence, friends.)

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

It’s a dark night. It’s noble. It means I am special.

– 0 –


Loss of psych. program

Gave me opportunity for sustainability work (Madison), find Breema, CSS, time to explore inquiry.

Loss of health

I learned about herbal medicine, the effects of Breema, inquiry and health – questioning thoughts about health.

I got to slow down. Find peace with not doing so much.

Have more time to experience, notice, explore.

I got to experience and find peace with being taken care of by others.

Invitation to find clarity on thoughts of being a burden to others.

Loss of friends

Opens up space for new friends, people I am more aligned with now.

(Specifically, people in The Work.)

Loss of path

Invitation to find a new path, one more aligned with what’s true for me now.

Loss of passion

I get to see my thoughts around passion – that I need it, it’s better with passion, I need it to have the life I wish for. 

It helped me to see that reality is what awakes to itself, reality allows any and all experiences, and they all come and go. I’ll say goodbye to everyone and everything.

Didn’t follow my inner guidance

Got to see the effect of not following my inner guidance.

Got to see I didn’t follow it due to fears and beliefs.

Invitation to look at these fears and beliefs, question them, and find more clarity.

– 0 –


These inquiries are a bit general, so the next step is to take one specific situation, write a Judge Your Neighbor (JYN) worksheet, and do inquiry on that. And then another situation, and another, until this is more clear.

– 0 –


Dark night Get to see my wants, shoulds, needs (beliefs), not aligned (through and through) w reality Its all guests – any experience, state, circumstance

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