Dream: Cleaning up the dirt

I and a few friends move down a stream and clean it up. Among other things, I use a hose to flush away cat and bird poop. At one point, the pressure on the water is a bit low, but it still works and it picks up again.

In the dream, it’s clear that this a job we want to do. It feels right. It’s unpleasant at times, and yet it feels good to do it. I have an image of how the stream will be after it’s cleaned up, the water flows more freely, and plants and animals return more fully. It’s quite beautiful, refreshing, and full of life.

This dream came two nights after a powerful session with Barry. I have had a sense that there is something I am not quite getting a hold on, a deep despair and contraction somewhere in me. During the session, I went back to a previous life (for the first time in these sessions), to a young woman in the early medieval times who lost her husband, children, home, possessions and many friends and relatives to a raid by a group of men from somewhere else. She goes into profound despair and makes a decision to cut herself completely to life. I have since spent some time bearing witness to her life and experience, and will stay with this for a bit longer, until it feels time to move on – perhaps explore it in more detail. I also notice my love for her, and invite her to soak in that love. This feels quite similar to the dream, and it’s something I want to do, and look forward to doing.

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