Dream: Hunted down

I am hunted by a large police force, and seek escape first in my own house (which used to be owned by J’s parents, a childhood friend), then with a friend or acquaintance who has a type of hotel or spa on the top floor of a building in Oslo. I know I will be caught relatively soon no matter what I do.

It’s unclear to me why I was hunted, or what I had done or if I even had done it. My house in the dream belonged to the parent’s of a childhood friend, and I liked that family very much. The hotel or spa was quite beautiful, in wood and a Japanese style. The hunted feeling is similar to what I experienced earlier in the night when I woke up with quite strong wounds/beliefs surfacing. I see an impulse to escape from it – fearing/thinking it’s too much, the thoughts are true etc. – and can’t really, so feel hunted by it. In everyday life, I am also slightly “hunted” by situations I feel I need to take care of soon, and would rather postpone, give myself more time.

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  1. Yes, escaping into thinking. I am also curious about the first house, that I owned the house of the parents of a good friend of mine from childhood.

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