Dream: Ladder or staircase

I am one of several guests in a large, old and quite distinguished house. Somehow, it seems to belong to my family and partly me. We are there for a gathering over a few days, which includes socializing and food. My room is on the second or third floor, and as I descend the stairs, I notice and comment that they seem a bit creaky. The next day, they are closed for repair and our only way down to the ground floor is through a large hole in the floor and a rickety ladder. I remember my fear of heights, and it’s OK, I still use the ladder. Later in the day, I stand on the ladder gathering some things of mine on the floor of the second level. Several people wait to descend, get impatient, and start using the ladder. I climb down, a small boy climbs onto the ladder above me, and the ladder with us on it falls to the floor. There is a sharp sound as the boy falls to the floor. I am OK, walk over and ask the boy if he is OK, and he says yes. I then go to my hosts and tell them that this is not working. Either they repair and open the stars again, give me a room on the first (ground) floor, or I will leave.

During and after this dream, there was the same feeling or atmosphere of hopelessness as in my previous dream. Again, it may be the next layer surfacing after the dread and terror. This feeling lifted/shifted a few minutes after waking up.

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