Dream: Old car

I am looking at an old car participating in a race. It’s from the early 1900s, may be a bit modified, and runs on coal. The assistant leaves, and the driver encourages me to take over for the rest of the race. I agree, and discover there are only a few lumps of coal left in addition to a portion of smaller wood pieces. It’s enough to keep us going, but not as fast as if we had coal. We stop by a large and old stone building where there is a large group of people I have a connection with, and I ask if any of them have coal. Several go off to get some. We proceed with the race before they have returned.

It’s dusk and we drive through the night. It also seems that no other cars participate. It may be more of a challenge race for this one car. During the dream and as I wake, I notice a feeling of hopelessness. It’s similar to the sense of dread and terror that came up very strongly earlier (for a few months, until about a year ago), and has come up during the night or in the morning at times, and less strongly, since then. Maybe this sense of hopelessness is the next layer.

The first that came up for me after this dream, is that it – to some extent – reflects my experience of my body right now. It’s in a race (life), it’s not in top condition, it runs coal, and the coal is running out. All of this, of course, reflect my images and beliefs about the body, more than anything else, and this dream helps me identify these and take them to inquiry.

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  1. Good question. Probably because (a) the driver decided (and I let him), and (b) we are in a race (although not really) and don’t have time to wait. Seems it’s good to look at both.

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