Dream: Seven in one

I become friends with a young man, and he says he wants to tell me something he hasn’t told anyone before. He takes me aside, and does a very impressive performance that involves yoga and other movements. He then reveals – to my astonishment – that he is made up of seven little people. They each make up parts of the body, are hidden under the clothes, and have practiced their whole life in making up one person. They then repeat that I am the first one they have revealed this to, and say they sometimes appear as two female twins as well.

This was a vivid dream, and waking up from it I didn’t think of it as a dream at first. As I am about to write it down, I realize that these are seven dwarfs! They are seven who make up one man, and also at times two women. We are all like that, of course, different sub-personalities making up one. That’s probably not all there is to the dream.

One possibility: The subpersonalities are not as fully integrated as they can be. There is only the appearance of making up a whole.

Update: I have returned to this dream over a few days, and what stands out to me is (a) the man and the two women made up by the seven little people were quite attractive in a sense, and (b) there is a sense of something “off” and slightly uncomfortable about them being made up of seven dwarfs. It feels a bit disjointed. Not a seamless whole. Having quite early wounds/beliefs surfacing these days, this does reflect my experience. It’s a bit disconcerting to see these parts of me that live in a quite different worldview than the rest of me. The parts that are wounded, and believe that the world is a terrible place. And it’s also very good that they are surfacing.

Active imagination: (will explore this and write later)


Men han har identifisert seg med eventyret… Og er både de 7 samt Snøhvit. Dvs hans egne røtter har paralleller… Se på eventyret… de 7 må klare seg alene, Snøhvit har en stemor… Etc.  også alene uten fars beskyttelse. Din venn lengter etter en familie noen som kan se, bekrefte og gi mening, lever mye i sin egen verden/hode, men har lært å tilpasse seg.

This is from a Norwegian dream interpreter, a friend of a friend. He suggests something quite different: This dream is about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and shows I feel alone and long for a family that give me a sense of being seen and of belonging. He doesn’t address the specifics of the dream. I can see how this fits as well, especially right now. This does remind me a bit of astrology – it’s so general that it fits many or most people in our society. And yet, I can still use it as a projection object and focal point. I can still take the invitation to explore this further, look at beliefs related to this, and bring in more sense of belonging and support in my life.

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