Every wave is allowed to arise and dissolve

Every wave is allowed to arise and dissolve in the vast, unlimited, boundless oceanic space of consciousness that you are, just as all waves are unconditionally allowed to arise and fall in the Ocean, which remains undisturbed, always.

Love is to know yourself as this vast, boundless ocean, and therefore to know deeply that every wave – every thought, every sensation, every feeling, every sound, every smell that arises – is none other than yourself in disguise. Every wave is saturated with yourself – an intimate friend, not an enemy to be feared or pushed away.

When our true nature as the ocean is forgotten, a basic fear of life arises, a fear of the waves, which are now seen as ‘other’, and there is a contracted attitude towards life, with the illusion of a separate ‘me’ at its core, and this is the origin of all of our suffering and seeking, both personal and global.

However, every moment is an invitation to remember, that although the waves of consciousness may rise and crash, in the Ocean’s depths lives the deep peace and silence of yourself. Silence, and knowing

– Jeff Foster

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