Putting thoughts on paper

Often, the best advice is what we already know: It helps to put thoughts down on paper.

When I am caught up in stressful or churning thoughts, it helps to write them down. And when I experience a sense of unease or distress, it helps to identify the fearful and stressful thoughts behind it and write these down. Identifying the fearful thoughts behind unease brings what was nebulous into focus. Some stressful thoughts may appear a bit silly when put on paper, and the edge is taken off them. Writing stressful thoughts down relieves the mind from thinking it has to keep rehearsing and churning on them. And now that these thoughts are on paper, I can take them to inquiry.

It’s similar with insights. When I don’t write them down, the mind sometimes tells itself it needs to rehearse and remember them. When I write them down, the mind is more free to move on. (Of course, if I believe it’s an insight, it’s important etc., the mind will still stay somewhat glued to it.)



– getting it down on paper
–  (a) stressful thoughts, when mind is churning, (b) distress, unease
— brings it into focus (from nebulous to focus), may seem a bit ridiculous, and can take to inquiry
– insights
– in both cases, so don’t have to think about it, can move on


When I get caught up in stressful thoughts, and they keep churning, putting it down on paper is a great relief. And it’s the same when there is a sense of unease or of something being wrong. Putting the stressful or fearful thoughts down on paper brings them into focus, and

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