Go mad with love

Go mad with love, if sanity is what you want to find.
– attributed to Rumi

Even if this is not necessarily from Rumi, I can find where it’s true for me.

When I go “mad” with love, I find love for everything and everyone, especially situations or people I have beliefs about, and I notice it’s all already love. And that’s where I find sanity. That’s the real sanity, in my experience.

Prayer for the well-being of others and myself, and especially those who bug me, helps me find love for them and us. As does ho’oponopono, tonglen, the Big Mind/Heart process, and many other guides for exploration. I find love for situations and circumstances in the same way. And I find love through inquiring into thoughts that temporarily obscure awareness of love.

The same explorations may help me notice everyone and everything is already love. It’s all already love. (It’s all already awareness, Spirit, God, Brahman, Big Mind/Heart, love etc.)

Note: The origin of quotes, sayings or pointers doesn’t matter. I can always explore if for myself. In what way is it true for me? What’s the validity in it’s turnarounds? And also, what happens if I take it on as a belief, and inquire into it?

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