“I know it’s not true” as a guardian

The thought I know it’s not true is one of the guardians of the treasure.

I find a thought behind fear or unease, and then another – I know it’s not true, and that’s one of the guardians of the treasure. If I believe it, I may stop myself from inquire into the initial belief and find the treasure there. And it in itself is a thought to inquire into it.

My mother doesn’t love me. Is it true, I know it’s not true? I can find situations in my childhood where I imagine/remember having had that thought, so I don’t know, through and through, it’s not true.  I may know it’s not true, at a certain level, and yet, a part of me may not know it yet. I can find situations where I don’t feel it, see it, through and through.

Why would I stop myself from finding the gifts in examining that thought in each of those situations?

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