Inquiry: It’s comforting to know

It’s comforting to know. 

Situation: Writing this blog.

Instead of (a) opening to experience, allow it it’s life, and (b) identify and inquire into beliefs.

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Is it true?


Can you be certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought?

When I experience something uncomfortable, one impulse is to write something on this blog.

I feel comforted by writing here.

I feel I am doing something, that it’s valuable.

I don’t have to open to the experience, or identify and do inquiry on the beliefs behind the discomfort.

I see writing here as a comfort, as an escape.

I try to know, to nail something down.

I tell myself I can know.

I take refuge in thoughts, insights, maps.

It feels precarious.

I have to keep it in mind, keep reminding myself.

I have to (mentally) defend it, prop it up, flesh it out.

It has to feel quite honest, although not completely honest.

(Because I would then see I am using it as an escape.)

Who would you be without that thought? 

More open to be with, feel, what’s here.

More interested in doing inquiry on stressful beliefs.

More at peace.

I may write less here, or differently.

I would be more sincere in what I write.


It’s comforting to know me. 

The times I meet what’s here, there is a relief, an opening, a sense of coming home.

The times I do inquiry, it’s a relief to see what’s here, there is a sense of coming home.

The times I feel my body, it’s a relief, it’s comforting.

It’s uncomfortable to know. 

I know I escape what’s here.

I feel I need to protect it.

I need to remind myself of it, keep it fresh in mind.

It’s uncomfortable to go to a thought for comfort, a sense of safety.

It’s comfortable to not know.

There is receptivity, curiosity.

Open to different views, perspectives, finding the validity in each.

I feel more friendly.

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 I will explore the TA it’s comfortable to know me in daily life, see how it is for me.

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