In the tradition of looking at turnarounds of teachings, I thought I would look at integration.

The main teacher at Center for Sacred Sciences would sometimes say that Enlightenment has nothing to do with integration.

So in what sense is the reverse true? In what way is integration integral to Enlightenment?

One example is quite obvious. When everything is recognized as Spirit, there is a reorganization of the human self within this new context. A reorganization at physical, energetic, emotional, and mental levels, and how this human self functions in the world. In this sense, there is an integration within Enlightenment. The human self realigns with reality, and this is an ongoing process. It integrates into this new context of Spirit recognizing itself as all there is.

Another example is an integration of how we view any particular thought into Enlightenment. As Byron Katie mentioned, we are enlightened to a thought or not. If I take a thought as true, or am not aware of the validity of it’s reversals, I am not enlightened to that particular thought. There is identification with it’s viewpoint, and that creates a sense of I (nothing wrong with that). Through inquiring into this thought, I may be enlightened to it, and – in a sense, and putting it a bit awkwardly – my view of this thought is integrated into Enlightenment.


From my time at the Center for Sacred Sciences, I remember the main teacher sometimes saying that awakening has nothing to do with integration.

As usual, it may be interesting to explore the validity in the turnarounds.

So in what way does awakening or “enlightenment” have to do with integration?

When Spirit notices itself, there is an integration happening. The different parts of the human self reorganizes within this new context. There may be a reorganization at a physical level, energetic level, emotional level (especially in wounded areas), mental level (view, insights), and in how this human self lives in the world. In all of these ways, there is an integration within awakening.


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