JYN: My relationship with God is damaged beyond repair

Situation: Moving to Wisconsin, not following my clear inner guidance to leave (go back to SLC, Oslo), and feeling I went against God’s will.

1. I am angry at God because my relationship with God is damaged beyond repair, because God put me in a situation where I went against God’s will.

2. I want God to make it good again, to help me find a deep resolution, to undo the damage.

3. God should be kind, forgiving, not hold it against me.

4. I need God to love me, heal me, restore our connection.

5. God is intolerant, judging, has impossibly high expectations of me, puts me in an impossible situation, punishes me for it.

6. I don’t ever want to experience God leaving me again, my connection with God damaged beyond repair.

Additional beliefs:

My inner guidance is God’s will. If I go against my inner guidance, I go against God’s will.

I was caught up in fear and beliefs. I should have known better.

2 thoughts to “JYN: My relationship with God is damaged beyond repair”

  1. Hi, I just came across your post, as I am wrestling with something I did several months ago. And I wanted you to know that God loves you. Jesus died for you on the cross, and if you’ve received Him as your Savior, nothing is too big for Him to forgive. God has big and wonderful plans for your life. You matter so much to Him. Maybe you can go and chat with someone about how you have been feeling.

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