A few different ways I notice karma in my own life:

Immediate effect

When I take a thought as true, it’s painful, and it’s happening here and now. There is an immediate effect. For example, I have the belief that I need him to like me. I interpret, feel and live as if it’s true. I behave as I think he would like. And all of that is uncomfortable, painful, and feels inauthentic.

Beliefs directed at the outer and inner world

Any thought I hold as true will be directed towards others, myself and life at different times and in different situations. As long as a thought is taken as true, I will put it on anyone and anything that seems appropriate in the situation, including myself. I believe he is stupid, and inevitably see myself as stupid right then if I notice, or a bit later even in a quite obvious way.

Field of awareness

My world is happening within and as this field of awareness, my world of images. There is no (real, final) I or Other. As I behave towards the wider world, I behave towards me in an immediate sense.

Dreamworld of cause and effect

Any action has consequences in the world of cause of effect. I stub my toe and there is pain. I am friendly towards others, and they are friendly back.


– when engage in a belief, it’s painful – here and now, immediate effect
— ex: I need him to like me, so behave as I think he would like – feels uncomfortable, painful, inauthentic
— ex:
– any belief directed towards others and me, the wider and inner world – at different times, in different situations (as long as a thought is taken as true, will put it on others, myself, life/god etc.)
– all happening within/as this field of awareness, my world of images (no I or Other)
– also, conventional sense, the dreamworld of cause and effect

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