Mini-inquiry: Life is unpredictable

Life is unpredictable.

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TA: I am unpredictable.

(a) What’s next in terms of thoughts, feelings or actions is unknown to me.

(When I am honest, I see it’s a surprise.)

(b) I sometimes have a plan, and then decide to do something else.

(This has happened several times, especially in where I live and what I do.)

(c) Others may see me as unpredictable.

(I seem to surprise others, even people who know me well, when I tell them about phases from my past, or some of my interests and passions. I don’t seem to always conform to the images people have of me. Some that know me from Breema are surprised by my interest in science. Some that know me from sustainability are surprised by my interest in psychology. Some that know me from psychology are surprised by my interest in art. Some that know me from spirituality are surprised by my interest in space exploration. And so on.)

TA: Life is predictable.

(a) It’s predictable that I will say good bye to everyone and everything.

(I may not know exactly when, but I know I will say good bye.)

(b) When I have a belief about myself, others or life, I live as if it’s true.

(I view, feel, chose and act as if it’s true. And life will conform as far as it’s possible.)

(c) Whatever images I have about life, life won’t exactly fit into these images.

(People won’t conform to my images of them. Life won’t conform to my plans or expectations. The future will be different from how I imagine it will be. It may be slightly different or very different, but it will be different.)

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