Peace and noise

This is again something very simple I keep noticing.

When I experience peace, I am perfectly happy with silence around me – just enjoying the sounds of the wind or rain, or people in the distance.

And when there is more inner turmoil, it’s easy to be drawn to creating “noise” around me as a distraction – often music.

So inner peace is often reflected in silence. And inner turmoil in sound.

Note: This reminds me of a belief I want to look at more closely. When people around me are noisy, I sometimes feel a bit uneasy or off balance. And it seems to come from a set of beliefs on this topic: They are in inner turmoil. They take their inner turmoil out through creating noise. Tracing these thoughts back, I come to an image of my father, sitting in a chair, reading the newspaper, turning the pages quite loudly, and me feeling uneasy, having a knot in my stomach, thinking: He is in inner turmoil. He is tense. He may explode. He is unpredictable. Something terrible will happen. (He only exploded once in my childhood, but that didn’t prevent these thoughts and fears from feeling very true.)

Note 2: There are two forms of peace and silence, and I refer to both here – which is why it didn’t seem necessarily to differentiate them. One is the peace and silence that happens within experience, in contrast to turmoil and noise. The other is the peace and silence that’s our nature and the nature of everyone and everything, and within which and as the other form of peace and turmoil, silence and noise, happens. This last one can notice itself, or not – when attention is distracted into beliefs.

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