Podcasts etc.

I thought I would write a quick list of some podcasts I listen to these days.

First some podcasts I listen to regularly:

  • BBC – Discovery
  • BBC – In Our Time
  • BBC – History Extra
  • BBC – Witness
  • BBC – From Our Correspondent
  • NPR Science Friday
  • Guardian – Science Weekly

Some I listen to when the mood strikes me:

  • PRI Studio 360
  • SETI Institute – Big Picture Science
  • PRI To the Best of Our Knowledge
  • BBC Documentaries
  • BBC Science in Action
  • This American Life
  • Planetary Society
A few more frivolous/entertaining ones:
  • NPR Car Talk
  • WORT Mel & Floyd
  • A Way With Words

Some from NRK I either listen to, or used to and don’t not right now (not available due to licensing disagreements):

  • NRK Ekko
  • NRK Gull
  • NRK Museum
  • NRK Språkteigen
  • NRK 20 Spørsmål

And some series from BBC:

  • BBC History of Mathematics
  • BBC History of the World in 100 Objects
  • BBC Shakespeare’s Restless World

When it comes to online reading, I usually look at The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, NRK, Wired and a few other sites.

For music, it’s the usual for me: Arvo Part, Django Reinhardt, Bach, Putumayo albums, others such as Kila, Funkadelic, Kate Bush, Sting, Jordi Savall (performer), and many more.

An in terms of spiritual talks, it’s some Adyashanti – usually new episodes of Radio Adyashanti – and not so much else.

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