The Biblical standards for marriage

I watched a BBC story on the gay protests at a US fast food chain, and a woman said she wanted to uphold the Biblical standards for marriage. Of course, the Bible mentions several different versions of marriage, and has no one “prescription”. (Even if it did, it came out of and was relevant to that time and culture.) Of course, these are very predictable views from my side since (a) I am from Norway, and (b) in general tend to take a liberal and inclusive angle.

I notice I have some thoughts about this:

They are uninformed, ignorant, bigoted. They are heartless.

They decide what they want to think and cherry pick the Bible to support it.

They are un-Christian. Their views don’t align with those of Jesus (who was radically inclusive). Their view of Jesus is inaccurate. They are uninformed about the Bible, uninformed about what works in other places in the world.

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She is bigoted.

TA: I am bigoted.

I am bigoted towards her when I have that thought. I make her small and uninformed in my mind. I am treating her, in my mind, in an unkind way.

TA: She is not bigoted.

It’s just a label I put on her.

She may feel genuine love towards gays, and feel torn or uncomfortable thinking they shouldn’t live as they do.

She is probably not bigoted in many other areas of life.

She just believes her thoughts, she is not bigoted.

TA: She is kind.

She did say she thought God loves homosexuals.

She may love homosexuals since she thinks God does.

She may be kind in many areas of her life.

– 0 –

She is uninformed.

TA: I am uninformed.

I am uninformed about her, about her world and experience of the world.

I am uninformed about their views on the Bible. They may have a logical and informed analysis on this topic.

I don’t really know anything about this or any other topic. My thoughts are innocent questions at most.

TA: She is informed.

She is obviously informed about her life, her views.

She probably sees her views as logical and informed.

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I noticed she said she thought God loved gays as I watched the interview the first time, and this inquiry allowed me to take it in.

Also, I noticed how painful it is when I imagine thinking (a) God loves gays, and (b) they shouldn’t be allowed to marry, to live together, and to work certain places. It allowed me to open to her.

I also see that homophobia makes sense in an evolutionary perspective. The primary purpose of life is to reproduce, so if social coercion makes more people couple up with the opposite sex and have children, it’s a good thing – in an evolutionary context – even if it’s not what the individuals would rather choose. (Of course, today with global over-population, it makes more sense to encourage homosexuality! But that’s another topic.)

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