Confusion, fear, anger as love

In what way is confusion, fear, anger etc. love?

(a) It’s a sign that a thought is taken as true. It’s an invitation to look again, to find what’s more true than the initial thought. This sign is love.

(b) It’s confused love. Believing the thought creating confusion, fear, anger etc. is confused love. It’s an attempt to find what we (think we) want or need – security, love etc.

(c) It’s made up of love. It’s the substance of love. (i) When I look, I see it’s all happening within and as awareness (love). (ii) Through the Big Mind process, I find it’s all Big Heart. (iii) If all is God/love, then isn’t this too – confusion, fear, anger – love?

And as usual, the really helpful explorations are detailed and on what’s here now, or – in the case of The Work – on a specific thought in a specific situation. That’s where this comes alive, where it sinks in. Where it’s seen in some detail, with real, simple, and specific examples, inviting in feeling it as love, love for it as love, and living it as love.


– feel confusion, fear, anger as love (see it, feel it, love it, as love)
– see it as love as who we are, what we are

– as love….
— (a) a sign believe a thought, an invitation to look again, find what’s more true than the initial thought (the sign is love)
— (b) confused love, an attempt to find what we (think we) want (security, love etc.)
— (c) awareness, love (made up of love, the substance of love – awareness, Spirit, God)


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