Creative turnarounds

I know that kt would probably not like the fact that I mess with the turnarounds, but I found that The Work works better for me when I get a little creative ^^ and so I was working the one-liner a moment ago: I am not good enough. Is it true? Yes. I am not good enough. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? No. How do you react, what happens when you think, I am not good enough? I feel terrified. Who would you be without your story, I am not good enough? Confident. Turn the thought around? And the turnaround that actually came up for me was this: I’m not good enough, turned around? —> I am Source. And then I asked, where are you Source??? And then I came to the realization that of course it’s not true that I am not good enough, who I am is God, Truth, Love, Source, Power… whatever you want to call it, and Source is more than good enough, bigger than we can even humanly imagine… And I feel very happy now and I will get on with my work and go through my day, with the realization that I am so much bigger than my story and my Ego and my identity… I am Source (Love)!!! 😀

This topic sometimes comes up in The Work circles. Here is what came up for me:

?:) I sometimes do a variation on this. I do the usual TAs to self, other, opposite and see what I find, then if I notice a “creative” turnaround, I find the initial statement (in this case, perhaps “I am not source”) and do the 4 Qs and the TAs on that one. That way, I get to follow the guidelines *and* be creative.

As so often, it’s not necessarily either/or, it can also be both/and. I finish my initial inquiry following the simple guidelines, because they are there for a reason. I may find something I hadn’t seen before. And I make a note of the “creative” turnaround (TA) that came to mind, find the original statement, and do inquiry on that one. If I want, I can make it into a mini-inquiry, and focus on the TAs. That way, I get the benefit of following the guidelines, and I get to follow the “creative” impulse of the mind and see what’s there.

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