Dream: Do you really think God can be defined by theology?

I am attending an outdoors Church event, and as part of a ceremony we all have brought cards with Christ-related imagery. Afterwards, a guy comes up to me and tells me that the image on my card didn’t fit his theology. I ask him do you really think God can be defined by theology? and then move on.

I am not sure what this dream is about, other than showing me more direct and outspoken than I sometimes am in waking life. Normally, I would listen politely, thank him, and move on. In the dream, I listened briefly, said what was on my mind, and then moved on. I didn’t say all of what I thought – that it’s absurd, and a bit childish, to think that God can be defined by or confined within the limits of any theology, this was reflected in how I said what I did.  Thoughts create boundaries and generalize, and reality is more than and different from anything a thought can point to.

The theology enthusiast also reflects me, of course. Whenever I hold onto a thought as true, I create my own theology. I even worship that thought as a god. In my mind, reality – including me – is confined to what fits the thought, and whatever doesn’t fit is ignored or explained away.

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