Feel confusion, fear, anger as love

Quite a while ago, everything was revealed as love including anything human such as confusion, fear, anger and despair,

I saw it as a love, in a general way, and in some more specific ways.

And there is a draw to see this in more detail, in a more finely grained way. To feel it as love. Love it as love.

I can see it as love through different forms on inquiry, such as The Work, the Big Mind process, and exploring the sense fields. I find how it’s love in a human and conventional sense, I find how love is behind it, that it’s confused love. And I find it as love, as Spirit.

And through that, doing inquiry as meditation, staying with it, living it, there is an invitation to feel it. And through that, to love it as it is, as love.

This is where my recent session with Barry went. And there was a sense of something itself out in my lower belly, in the tan tien area. A knot of primal confusion, fear, anger, recognized as love, at a felt and bodily level.


– feel confusion, fear, anger as love (see it, feel it, love it, as love)
– see it as love as who we are, what we are

– as love….
— (a) a sign believe a thought, an invitation to look again, find what’s more true than the initial thought (the sign is love)
— (b) confused love, an attempt to find what we (think we) want (security, love etc.)
— (c) awareness, love (made up of love, the substance of love – awareness, Spirit, God)


At some point in the process, anything human – including confusion, fear and anger – is revealed as love.

We see it as love, generally at first and then in more finely grained ways.

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