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The purification is the arising of anything that’s at odds with the recognition of truth, that’s in contradiction to it. And the key, in large part, to this purifying process is very simple. Having said it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Ultimately it’s easy, but relatively it may not be easy.

The response the purification is calling for is the response of total and absolute stillness. That’s the response. That’s the purifying force. Acceptance and stillness.

So when your body-mind is unloading some pattern of thinking or some old memory or some sort of irrational unloading of fear or disorientation…. there are lots of things that could happen in your mind, somatically in your body…. that as you become more aware your system at deeper and deeper levels starts to release it’s confusion. And confusion is a mind generated thing but it has deep effects on the body, our whole somatic structure, our nervous system, all of that.

And as all of that starts opening up all that confusion comes into the light of being, the mistake that so many people make is that they think they need to figure it all out. Your thinking thinks it can think itself to the truth, and it can’t. When all this arises it’s already arising, it’s naturally arising, and it may or may not be comfortable. It’s not asking you to figure it all out.  Because most of the time when people try to figure it out, what they are really trying to figure out is a way around it, a way to get rid of it, a way to stop it from happening. So when we try to figure things out, we are actually trying get rid of it.

What’s really called for in any moment of purification is acceptance and stillness.

I found the most recent Radio Adyashanti episode – What Awakening Really Is / August 29, 2012 – to be very helpful for me. This is an excerpt from about 23 to 26 minutes into the episode. It’s what I discovered quite a while ago, especially during the period where I did a lot of meditation. And it seems what’s called for me to rediscover – in daily life with smaller emotions and discomfort, and also when the deep primal layers surface. A good reminder is that content of awareness is busy, while awareness itself is still.

To clarify that last one: Awareness aware of itself as a whole, as awareness and it’s own content, is still. Content moves, and yet it doesn’t when it’s recognized as awareness. That’s why some folks say nothing ever happens. Of course, something happens all the time. And yet, since it’s all the play of awareness and awareness is inherently still, the experience is that it doesn’t.

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