I-thougths sometimes really about others

I-thoughts are sometimes really about what I think others may think, say or do, only internalized so thoroughly I may not notice that’s what’s happening.

There is an I-thought saying I shouldn’t be tired, or I need to be active, I want to be healthy.

If I imagine myself alone in the whole world, would I still have the same thoughts? No, I find I am at peace with myself and the situation. That shows me the thought may really be about others and what I am afraid they will think, say or do.

So what are the thoughts I imagine others may have about me?

I am tired, not healthy, and what I am most afraid others will think, say or do is….

They will think I am lazy. They will think I am weak.

They will talk about my behind my back.

They will pity me. They will shun me. They will abandon me.



I thoughts, often really about what i think others may think about me, only internalized so thoroughly i sometimes dont notice

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