Love for what is

When I find love for what is, nothing needs to change.

And that’s even more clear when I notice it’s already love, it’s already God.

Finding love for it is returning home.

There is a sense of tiredness. I find love for it, and notice it is love and God. It doesn’t need to change, not one bit. And at the same time, I am free to rest, sleep, take it easy, recover.

There is physical pain. I find love for it, notice it as love and God. Again, it doesn’t need to change. It’s perfect as it is. And I am free to take a pain pill, go to a doctor or acupuncturist, and do whatever else seems appropriate to take care of myself and be kind to myself.

A man walks on the street. There is a reaction in me to his facial expression or body posture or his voice. I find love for him and my own reaction, notice it’s already love & God, and none of it needs to change at all. And within that, there is already a shift.

Would I want to find love for what is, with it’s deep sense of contentment and coming home, or change the situation to suit my shoulds? In my sane moments, I chose love without hesitation. And it doesn’t exclude acting in a way that’s kind to myself and others.

How do I find love for what is? How do I notice it’s already love and God? For me, it’s the usual ones.

Right there and then, one of a set of simple questions: It needs to change, is it true? It’s not God, is it true? It’s not love, is it true? I may also notice that what’s here – awareness as sensations, sounds, sights, tastes, smells, thoughts and images – are primary, and the content of images and thoughts and images are secondary, they respond and react to what’s primary. They are always a bit slower, they happen within and as what I am. Even who I am – the images and a man of a particular age, with a name and nationality etc. – is secondary. It happens as an afterthought, within what I am, or simply what is.

If I have time there and then, I pray for the person and/or myself. There is a shift into well-wishing, and noticing it – my “enemy” – as already love and God. These days, I may also do ho’o. In the past, I did tonglen.

And when I have more time, I can find stressful thoughts and take them to inquiry, including underlying and very basic thoughts and images. I can bring stressful situations to mind and shake, invite in neurogenic tremors.

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