Primary and secondary

I may also notice that what’s here – awareness as sensations, sounds, sights, tastes, smells, thoughts and images – are primary, and the content of images and thoughts and images are secondary, they respond and react to what’s primary. They are always a bit slower, they happen within and as what I am. Even who I am – the images and a man of a particular age, with a name and nationality etc. – is secondary. It happens as an afterthought, within what I am, or simply what is.

This is from a previous post. What’s here is all primary, of course. It’s all happening within and as awareness, within and as what I am. Sensations, sounds, sights, tastes, smells, images and thoughts all happens within and as awareness, within and as what I am (awareness, the play of awareness, capacity for all of it).

And yet, the mental field reactions and responses to it – the content of images and thoughts reflecting, labeling and making a story out of it – is, in a sense, secondary. It happens after the fact, and it’s quite literally an afterthought. Even the images and thoughts of a me experiencing it and an I observing and acting is, in the same sense, secondary and an afterthought.

How can I notice and explore this? The most helpful approach, for me, is investigating the sense fields, and also using The Work.



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