Statements for inquiry

Some basic and common beliefs for me:

It’s a dark night. It’s chronic fatigue. It’s trauma. It’s a wound. It’s suffering.

It’s a body. It’s a belief. It’s a thought. It’s an emotion. It’s pain. It’s discomfort.

Life is better than death. Health is better than illness. More money is better.

I would be more happy if my body was more healthy. I would be more happy with more money.

Life is too complicated.

I should be further along by now. I should be more mature. I should know better.

Other people are further along. Others are more mature. Others know better.

This is not love. This is not God. (Whatever it may be…. what thoughts label illness, death, suffering.)

My will is better than God’s will. I know what’s better for me, others, the world. God’s will cannot be trusted. (God’s will = what is.)

With each of these, I can find a specific situation where I had that thought, and do inquiry from there.

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