Dream: The world is ending

Everyone knows the world – or at least our lives – will end in a few days. Many people are out in the streets with family and friends, enjoying themselves. It’s a relaxed and sober atmosphere. I am on my own, and decide to visit B.K. & P. W. who I haven’t seen since Wisconsin. It turns out they live in a quite beautiful and interesting intentional community, created by an Indian guru. I see some Buddhist texts there.

The world will end in a few days, and everyone knows it. The atmosphere is relaxed, sober, and people enjoy themselves and spend time with family and friends, mostly outdoors so they also can experience sun, wind, air, the red and yellow fall leaves. I knew BK and PT from my sustainability work in Wisconsin, and experienced a deep sense of community there and with them.

The world will end. Does it mean that my world – as it is now – will end? Will something shift so my world, as I know it now, will end? The dream may be a reminder that this is already happening anyway, or it may point to a more obvious shift. In the dream, there is a shared knowing that the world will end, and people are relaxed and spend the remaining time with people important to them, enjoying everyday life for the few remaining days.

For the second part of the dream, I notice a longing for community, for the one I had in Wisconsin, and for some of the ones I have visited (Findhorn, Vækstcenteret) and know about .

Day residue: A conversation about projections and apocalyptic scenarios, and looking at a book including intentional communities.

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