Feeling lost

When wounds AKA bubbles of confusion surface, I sometimes feel quite lost. And it’s perhaps not so surprising.

These parts of me – these wounds and bubbles of confusion – have been orphaned by me. They have been met with fear, resistance, sometimes even disgust. I have recoiled from them. They have not been included in the family. They have not been met with love, or been recognized as (sometimes confused) love.

These parts of me feel lost, because they are. They have been disowned, left out in the cold, isolated, without care, nourishment, or guidance. So when they surface, these associated feelings – including of being lost – surface with them.

When all of this comes up, what images do I see? How is it to meet it with love? Can I meet the fear with love? The sense of being lost? The feeling of aloneness? The feeling of isolation?

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