ESG: Freedom is not needing anyone to change

World peace depends on you, not ‘them’ acting the way you think they should. Thank goodness I don’t need to wait for the world to live a certain way in order for me to have world peace. Freedom is not needing anyone to change.
– ESG on Facebook

I won’t say much about this, other than that there are obviously different forms of freedom. There are the social and political freedoms – of speech, to vote, from oppression, to marry the person you love etc. There are the psychological freedoms, which really boils down to a freedom from holding stressful thoughts as true, or – more accurately – the freedom of thoughts from being taken as true. And there is the freedom of not needing anyone or anything to change, which comes out of the previous one. The quote above is also a reminder that through inquiry, we all find our own wisdom, kindness and guidance. It’s how a regular woman with children and a regular job can find the freedom of not needing anything to change.

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