Other people’s business?

Quite often, turnarounds in The Work refer to someone else.

I need her to support me. TA: She needs me to support her.

I should be there for my child. TA: My child should be there for me. 

And sometimes, people doing inquiry will say it’s their business and won’t go there to find examples of how it may be as or more true than the initial statement.

I understand where they are coming from. And yet, something else is more true for me.

It’s all about me. It’s all happening within my own world of images. And when I take time to find genuine examples of how the turnaround is true for me, whether it appears to be about me or someone else, I am enlightening myself to my own world of images.

If I believe the thought it’s their business, I stop myself from that enlightenment. And if I inquiry into that thought – it’s their business – I may find it’s really all about me. My thoughts – about me, them, the world, God – are all my business. My investigation of those thoughts are my business.

I see something else here. If I believe my thoughts about them are really about them, then it appears I am in their business if I explore some of these turnarounds, for instance my child should be there for me. It makes sense then to tell myself it’s their business and I won’t go there. And if I find more clarity on this, I see it’s all happening within my own world of images, it’s all about me, and I want to explore these turnarounds so I can enlighten myself to my own world of images. It’s what’s kind to me, to others, and the world.

And is my own world of images really my business? Yes, I can find how that’s true. It’s my responsibility to investigate and enlighten myself to what’s going on there. Nobody else can do it.

And I also find something else. It’s all God’s business, life’s business. I didn’t ask to have this life. I didn’t ask to have these thoughts. I didn’t ask for this world of images. It’s just there. It’s happening. It’s living it’s own life.

A world of images. Taking them as true or not. Identifying as them or not. The appearance of an I and me having these thoughts, living a life in a world. The appearance of beings, a world, thoughts, identification. It’s all happening on it’s own, living it’s own life. It’s all life’s business.



– TAs about someone else
– sometimes, folks say “it’s their business” and don’t explore what’s there
– but it’s all about me, it’s all happening within my world of images, I am enlightening myself about my own world of images
– don’t want to take that away from me, limit myself in that way



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