Session with Pamela W.

Notes from a session with Pamela W.:

clarity and kindness, satasang

whatever is restless, sitting with a misunderstanding, help it discern

kinestetic, prior to the mind, pretty simple

magical mystery tour

you are welcome here (to whatever is restless, sitting with a misunderstanding)

so you as innocent presence can rest

(soreness, heart)

can you be tender with that?

see if it needs anything, to feel safe, rest, be here fully

can we honor that, how natural it is? (heartache)

bow  inside

who are  you, that you feel so deeply (the ache) – who are you really?

no answer is required, don’t need to get it right


how does it feel, in this moment

(image of j, spacy, reactive, notice something in me doesn’t like)

i agree, i agree, i don’t like that

bring it closer, come here, come here – satsang, come up to the front (a shell)

thanking fear, letting it come up to the front row

respectfully being with it, whatever you are curious about, ask it (consciousness in another form)


(sadness over missed rel, b)

really honoring that, the tenderness of that

thanking the numbness, heart, for protecting the heart


ask the heart, and mind, what would satisfy it forever

deepest longing of the heart

(to be completely open to everything)

yes, yes, yes – confirming that

ask the heart to look behind its ideas about itself, everyone’s ideas about it

(deep rest)

invite every cell of the body to drink from the deep rest

(the heart, belly, same) one presence, ask it to let you feel it’s strength


let me feel your rooted strength – we know it’s sensitivity very well

does the body know its true nature, that its not an object, not only an object

can we honor the body as an absolute mystery, its supreme intelligence

ask the body, behind your form and function, who are you really, let me see you in your naturalness

yes, yes, yes – lets confirm it

thank you, for no reason, for any reason


ask the body if it notices that since its true nature is formless, its not subject to death

it dies, and also doesn’t die

see if it resonates for the body

and does it like that?

it says, i knew that


ask if it has wisdom for you in how to be with it, help it flourish

(notice how strong it is, powerful)

natural strength is welcome here, say a few times

vastness is a magicians hat, everything is in it


does the mind know it’s true nature

can we honor it, for its bright shiny intelligence

ask it how it would like to live from moment to moment

(in deep rest, even in activity)

honor how mature, wise it is

ask it to look behind its ideas about itself

the senses weighs on the body, not personal to us


can we do something to lighten the body

right side of chest, empty except for a flame

flame of love and truth

image of body walking into the heart flame

sitting in it

sit in the flame, let the flame more around the body, clarifying the body

transmute, consume anything that’s not real

cannot touch, harm formlessness

flame inhales the past, shocks, traumas, disappointments, regrets


the flame does all the work, transmutes

fire pujas, return anything back to the flame that weighs on the heart, have the image of the body give gifts to the flame, traumas,regrets, and on behalf of group consciousness, war,

all it has to do is bring it to the heart flame, respectfully liberate it that way

even give the idea its difficult, resistance, wants to protect – give it to the flame

tell it it’s safe, nothing that’s precious can be taken away, nothing that’s real can be taken away

(notice a remaining unease, fear)


ask it what its fear is, its concern, for it loves you very much

(there is a fear i wont exist anymore) just agree, we don’t want that either, don’t worry, well keep the body, teh uniqueness

was it reassured? ask resistance, who are you that you are so powerful? who are you really? i don’t want you to go away, i need your strength

only a sage would thank the resistance, the protection, its a signal to it you don’t need its protection anymore

it can all relax, can you give it permission to rest

nothing goes anywhere, its all made of consciousness

its rare to give it permission to rest, say it a few times inside

thank it for keeping it just in case, asking it what its concern is (flame, burning the unreal)

(the concern is that its needed to protect me)


just for fun, well show it something about it

these protective tendencies have known you since you were in the womb

expand outside the body, as big as forty elephants

stretching into infinity

now thank all those sweet protectors

they never updated their files on you since you were very little

show them you are huge, bigger than a yeti

you can hold them

cradling them, inviting them to rest

were they surprised you are that big

notice their essence is devotion

they always knew we were previous, a treasure

but didn’t know how to defend us rather than contraction, worry, chastising

give them permission to rest, rest

we wake up, but then still protected by old fashioned services

one by one they come to satsang and we hep them discern


– ancient german woman, famous herbalist, figured how to cure cf, and i’ll send you the link, i had cf, and its gone, if the body is not happy, it colors everything, you can call them, they have an 800 number, you can ask them questions about that, i recommend another, the tibetans, amazing product, its called chulen,

we liberate the body, mind, and awareness, and then there is the emotional body, which i call the colors of consciousness,


allow to inhale the image of the body into it

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