Additional facilitation questions in The Work

Some additional questions that can be used in facilitation of The Work:

What happens in that situation, how do you react, when you believe….?

Do you feel it? (Invitation to feel what’s there, what presented itself.)

How are you with yourself in that situation?

How are you with [the other] with (without) the thought?

What are you unable to see or do with that thought? What are you not able to notice when you have that thought?

Can you find one specific situation where you really believed the thought?

What did you want from him/her?

What identity is it coming out of, are you coming from?

What do you fear would happen if you were not that identity?

What’s the image of [identity] [name]?

As you look at that image, what emotions arise?

What’s the payoff for believing that thought, why would you keep something so stressful?

What’s the payoff for you? What satisfaction do you get for keeping believing this? Why would you keep stressing you with that thought?

In that situation, who would you be without that thought?

Do you feel it? How are you with yourself? How are you with the other? What do you notice?

Can you find it (what you found under #4) also when you believed the thought (under #3)? Was it there all along?


Why is it good for you, others, the world?

Ultimate TA: The same statement, with excitement/joy. Why is it good for you, others, the world?

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