Byron Katie: Fear is the belief that what is Real will harm us

Fear is the belief that what is Real will harm us. It is the suspicion, often even the conviction, that the universe is not progressing as it should, that God made a mistake or wasn’t wise enough to get things right. It’s the impulse to take control, myself, of destiny, of the future – as if I can.

I know I can’t , so then I fall into panic. If God is not wise enough and the universe is swinging out of control and I can’t fix it, then my thinking says it’s bound to harm me. Fear keeps me trying to be God. Fear ensures my failure. There is no Truth in it. I am not God. And the One who is makes no mistakes.

In fear we create dramas of our lives. We divide ourselves into parts, make roles, make voices in our minds, scare ourselves to death. In fear we make ourselves sick. The sick body is the voice of fearful mind. Fear becomes an ulcer. It speaks through cancer. It is high blood pressure. It is arthritis. It is a tightening up, an anger with Truth, a resistance with Reality, an insistence on my own way, my ego’s way, my little vision.

– Byron Katie


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