Byron Katie: Freedom is only for now

Freedom is only for now. Just now. That’s all.
– Byron Katie

Freedom is only for now.

Any image of the future is just that, an image. The future is not here. It’s not known.

Looking more closely, I find:

The image of a future is an image. The image of time is an image. It’s an image where I place other images, and tell myself something happened at a certain point in time. The images of past, future and present are images. And I place images on these too, telling myself something is here in the present, happened in the past, or may happen in the future.

When I tell myself something specific may or will happen in the future, I see I cannot know. Anything can happen. It’s just an image, an assumption, an innocent question. Thoughts may tell me something has been here for a long time, others tell me it will last, my intuition tells me it will last, and when I am honest with myself, I see I really cannot know.

And when I look into specific thoughts, I get to see how it is to take them as true, how it is if they are not taken as true, and the validity in their reversals. In this case:

This freedom is lasting. I can know it’s lasting. I know how it will be in the future.

I need this freedom to last. I need freedom.

I need this freedom to last, because…. It will give me peace. It will make me comfortable.

When I look into these thoughts, I can find a specific situation where I had the thought I am working on, and inquire from there. And it can also be very helpful to be very specific about what freedom means for me (what it refers to, what images are here), and what “I” means to me in this context.

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