Byron Katie: Why is The Work deeper with a facilitator?

Why is The Work deeper with a facilitator? Here is what I find for myself:

There is something powerful about two (or more) people gathered with a shared intention. As Jesus said, where to or more are gathered in my name, I am among them (Matthew 18:20).

As Katie says, it’s a relief to share our deepest secrets with another. To be real, honest, let it out. I may discover it’s not personal. it’s not shameful at all. It’s innocent. And perhaps that my facilitator knows it from his or her own life.

My facilitator may be more familiar with the process, and I may learn something about doing inquiry I can take with me.

My facilitator may easier notice when I stray, and invite me back to inquiry.

My facilitator can write down one-liners as they come up for me.

And why is it as deep or deeper when I facilitate myself?

I have the questions, and the answers always come from me. That’s no different whether I or someone else facilitate me.

I can allow myself more time to stay with the questions, wait for the answers, see what surfaces. I have more time to stay with the turnarounds to find examples.

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